Modena is the city where I live and where my business is based, but I love travelling and getting to know new cultures, so I do my services in all the regions of Italy and abroad.

Yes absolutely! I only accept one wedding a day to ensure my presence and if required, I will be assisted by one or more assistants for the duration of the event. I have chosen to limit the number of services I do every year so I am able to concentrate on every single event to make it unique and perfect. Your wedding will be followed entirely by me regarding the  photographic phase, selection, post production and layout
of the album.

Sure! I will be happy to welcome you personally to my studio in Modena, where I will be able to show you my work and some demo albums. If you live too far away I love using Skype!

Generally after a few days from the wedding I will give you a short preview of 10/20 images just  to kill your curiosity! According to seasonal commitments, the delivery of the finished service takes between 2 and 6 months.

You will find a good number of reviews on matrimonio.com or on my Facebook page.

I do not like to categorise myself to a well-defined style. My goal is to capture the natural emotions of your wedding, so I tend not to put too much on the pose and tell the events as they take place.

Of course! You have no contractual relationship with me regarding printing, you can print your photographs wherever you want. All the photographs of each service are given with the highest quality resolution.

Within my studio there is a video-operator who takes care of the shooting and editing of the images, using my same work approach, documenting the day’s events with the utmost discretion. I will be more than happy to give you a quote for this, obviously seconding your needs!

If my video operator does not satisfy you in any way, you are still free to contact those you consider most suitable, without forgetting to keep in mind some fundamental requests that, if they can not be respected, will force me to give up the photo shoot:

  • video-operators must work with SLR or mirrorless and not with obsolete and cumbersome cameras
  • the number of video operators must not exceed 2 additional lights can not be used as they will ruin the atmosphere and the natural colours they must be professionals, used to doing this kind of activity, at all times respecting my work.

I do not put limits on the number of photographs, we shoot to capture everything that happens as it happens and all the details will been chosen with extreme care.

My packages include up to 10 hours coverage of your wedding, but I have no problem doing extra hours, I’ll be with you for as long as you need me!

As I do not limit the number of shots taken during your day, there is no limit of the photos delivered. Normally I deliver a selection that can vary from 800 to 1200 photos that I will postproduce one by one personally to make them perfect, balancing lights and colour. Everything will be delivered to you in a beautiful wooden casket.

All packages include a photo shoot of the entire event taken by 2 photographers, an elegant box that holds a 16Gb USB stick with a selection of about 1000 perfectly postproduced shots, a  music slideshow of the most beautiful images and 10 fine art prints.

In addition it is possible, depending on the options chosen, to receive an album of various sizes and types.  For example a mini album for families and for the witnesses. There are many other accessories and options available.

I will present a draft layout of the album, according to my vision of the day. You may make some changes, without completely overhauling the project, before sending it to print so that you are completely convinced and satisfied with the result we are going to get.

Yes I always like you to sign a permission release because it is fundamental for me to be able to show on my website the work I do.

In 90% of cases I make the most of the natural light but in some situations I will also use flash or LED spotlights.

The cameras I use have a double slot for memory cards, this means that whilst I am taking the photos I automatically have back-up. At the end of the day I make a third back-up on an external hard drive. Upon returning to the studio, before formatting the memory cards, all the work will be saved on 2 hard drives of my property and on a third of your property, which you can give me either on your wedding day or even a few days before.This hard disk will be the one that you will then receive with all the original files and a full HD slide show.

The post-production work I do on the selected images does not include photo-retouching, I only correct any pimples, cold sores or small bruises. I do not realise fashion photo shoots during the wedding day.

Depending on the number of seasonal marriages I usually complete between 2 and 6 months at the most.

The story of the day that I will give you, will include all your choices, from location to clothes, from floral arrangements to the detail of the rings and among these choices there are also the people who you invited to celebrate your happy day. For me it is an additional value showing their smiles and tears …

The photographic reportage is a reflection of what happens, The skill of the photographer is to anticipate the action and capture it with his camera. If nobody dances and you have dreamt of a dancing party, if no one embraces or kisses and you have dreamt of a wedding full of emotions, if during the ceremony you always have your head down with your eyes fixed on the Hymn book and you have dreamt of photographs full of glances of complicity and love, I’m sorry but I can’t make miracles happen but what I can do is give you a list of very useful tips!

I do not work this way. In order to express my creativity I don’t like to follow suggestions, I feel as though you are holding me back and not able to live your day happily therefore I will not be free to capture your special moments. However, if you have specific requests for group photos with friends and relatives I will be more than happy to take them, this could be useful if you want to be sure that all the important people appear in at least one photograph.

The various albums I use are all handmade in Italy. The companies with which I have been collaborating for many years now only produce handmade quality products, which is why they guarantee the highest quality standards. You can choose from hundreds of covers and traditional albums or photobooks , with the possibility to customise your album exactly the way you want it. In my showroom you will be able to see various examples, feel free to come and see me!

Preferably at least 8 months in advance (there are those who book even earlier, more than a year before the wedding date), but please do not hesitate to contact us even if it’s short notice.

It is fundamental for me to know perfectly the organization of the day so as not to leave anything to chance.

Yes thank you , it would be most appreciated! After all we are human beings and like everyone, in 10-12 hours of work we need a little refreshment, we don’t expect to be given the same menu as your guests.

The only thing that we would appreciate is to have a table positioned in such a way so we can keep an eye on the reception so and not miss a thing!

If you believe that my service is the right one for you and the date is available, we will sign a contract together where everything will be put in black and white. At this point the date will be reserved only for you!

The payment is divided into three phases:  a deposit of 1/3 to reserve the date, a down payment of costs 1/3 before the wedding and the final balance upon delivery of all the material.

Perhaps the most stupid, but true thing to say in these cases is: four eyes are better than two!Seriously, it is not always necessary, for example, when the number of guests does not exceed 50 people I can safely carry out the work without any problems on my own.
The presence of an assistant is important to avoid any unexpected last minute hiccups and guarantee a complete service from all points of view.

I will use your photos to promote my business on various social networks or on my website, send them to competitions related to the Wedding photography world or show them in my studio as an example to new possible customers, of course everything will be done in respecting the Privacy law.

I can not guarantee this because it is practically impossible for me to publish all the work I do, but if you wish I can easily provide you with a private gallery on line.

I am an active member of some national and international organizations and I participate in the contests that are proposed each year.

I am a member of the most prestigious international associations dealing with wedding photography, including ISPWP, WPS, ANFM, WPJA.
As an associate of ANFM (National Association of Matrimonial Photographers), with a view to maximum transparency in customer relationship, I commit myself to:

  • guarantee by contract, the personal presence of the photographer mentioned in the contract, to cover the photographic service requested and not to replace it by any internal or external collaborator, (except for reasons of documented serious impossibility to perform the work). It also guarantees that the images submitted to the client for the presentation are really the result of the technical and creative abilities of the photographer indicated in the contract itself.
  • ensure clarity in prices, and to deliver together with the contract a price list containing all the costs of extras and options that may be required in the future, such as additional prints, albums, reprints and any other element that may change the initial estimate.

The Engagement service is nothing more than a pre-marital or couple service, which is obviously done before your wedding. This type of service that I personally love a lot, as it is extremely useful, not only it gives you some beautiful photos but lets me get to know you better both under a personal and photographic plan. It will in fact enable me to have more information on how to photograph you better during your wedding day.