passion and experience

My name is Nicola and I started working in photography in 2009, and then opened my own business in 2012.

The greatest gratification of my work I believe, is the possibility of creating images that will remain in the life history of couples and their respective families.

I feel so lucky , honoured and also extremely responsible that I put all my attention, commitment, passion and experience to ensure that my work enters the hearts of those who choose me but also those of their families and friends..
I always aim to give my all therefore to never disappoint anyone’s expectations.


In these years Federica, my life partner as well as a photographer of newborns, pregnancies and families, has always been by my side supporting me and especially putting up with me!

We live our work with great complicity and empathy for the people we photograph, spending every weekend around Italy and abroad capturing the moments of authentic emotions in a natural way that goes well beyond the simple exchange of rings…